Tuesday, April 8, 2014

.Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

Hat-Vintage, Sunglasses- 80spurple.com, Bra- Mustardcartel.com, Arm Band & Bracelet- etsy.com/shop/WhimsOfWanderlust, Overall- Forever21.com, Blazer- hotheart.com Backpack- VS Pink

Hey Everyone!

Happy April. Hoping that all is well. The weather has been AMAZING the past few days. Clouds like crazy everywhere, I love love love how beautiful they are. Love spring.
Here I am wearing one of my all time favorite blazers! It's a prized possession. The detailing of the birds is great. The material is silky, comfortable, and hangs well on the body. Underneath I have on a pair of overalls from forever21 that I had not worn yet. I decided to pair it with a t-back sports bra which created a cool criss crossing pattern between the straps. Sadly I didn't get a good photo of this, but maybe I'll put it on again to show you guys a better shot.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.
Love you all.